Inland Marine Transportation Efficiency

The inland marine industry is the most cost-efficient method of transporting the non-discretionary commodities which comprise the basic inputs to the United States economy

  • One 15-barge tow can move the equivalent of two 216 railcar freight trains and 1,050 large semi-tractor trailer trucks
  • A barge can haul one ton of freight 647 miles on a single gallon of fuel compared to 477 miles for a railcar and 145 miles for a truck.
  • Shipping cargo via barge costs 0./2 cents/ton-mile which IS 60% Cheaper than rall (2.24 cents) and 9/% cheapel than truck (26.6 cents)
Maritime Partners Boats

Maritime Partners recognizes and embraces our responsibility to the environment. Our actions show that we are committed to helping the maritime industry accelerate and navigate the energy transition. Below are a few examples that demonstrate Maritime Partners’ commitment to the environment.


Maritime Partners is a founding member of the Blue Sky Maritime Coalition

The Blue Sky Maritime Coalition is comprised of senior leaders across the entire waterborne shipping value chain. Together, Coalition members are committed to accelerating the transition of waterborne transportation towards net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by jointly developing and executing a roadmap to a commercially viable net-zero emission logistics value chain.

e1 Marine

Methanol to Hydrogen Reforming Technology

Hydrogen is a promising marine fuel that provides excellent emissions reductions
and can be renewably produced However, logistical challenges have prevented the widespread
adoption of hydrogen as a marine fuel thus far.

In 2021, Maritime Partners formed a joint venture called e1 Marine. e1 marine has developed a technology that produces hydrogen at the point of consumption, thereby eliminating the logistical challenges associated with hydrogen, we believe that e1 Marine’s technology allows hydrogen to be a commercially viable marine fuel.

e1 Marine’s technology is a proven, reliable, cost-competitive material that reduces emissions today and has a clear pathway to zero or negative net emissions in the future.

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MN Hydrogen One – Powered by e1 Marine The industry’s first IMO 2030 compliant long-range towboat