Vessel Construction Financing

Custom vessel construction financing solutions

Maritime Partners can provide vessel construction financing regardless of the asset class or geography. Through our vessel construction financing solutions, operators are able to raise fixed-rate financing on new vessels at 100% loan-to-value with no capital outlays or loan covenants during the construction of the vessel. This process empowers operators to grow their fleet and capabilities without tying up capital or restricting adaptability. We also provide more conventional deals involving financing over the building process. Upon delivery, the operator can either pay for the vessel in its entirety or secure a more traditional mortgage-style loan, replacing the vessel construction financing altogether.  

The shipyard and operator share the financing responsibilities, which can be influenced by the market situation, each parties’ assessment and appetite for risk, and the overall financing capabilities of each of the parties.  

We are not a bank. Given our focus on the maritime industry and decades of industry expertise, we can move swiftly to develop a customized vessel construction financing solution and get your project underway.