Diversify your portfolio by leveraging maritime assets

Maritime Partners is capable of acquiring vessel portfolios of any type and size. 

Selling a portfolio of maritime assets in non-strategic lines of business can be an effective way to gain access to capital, which the seller can allocate towards organizational growth in existing or untapped business lines. These types of transactions can also be useful for balance sheet concentration management and capital ratios.  

Whether you are looking to strengthen your balance sheet, fund a new initiative or transition into a new phase of life, Maritime Partners can structure an acquisition tailored to you and your specific business goals. Our decades of industry experience enable us to quickly and accurately perform due diligence to work to a close.

Whatever the reason for divesting your portfolio, we can assemble an acquisition of some or all of your fleet. We work collaboratively with management teams to provide a personalized solution that meets your tax considerations, pace, and capital requirements.