Bareboat chartering services for a wide range of boats and barges

Maritime Partners has a state-of-the-art fleet of more than 1,900 vessels available for bareboat charter, including towboats, tank barges (30k bbl and 10k bbl), bunker barges, covered hopper barges, open hopper barges, deck barges, and U.S.-flag and Jones Act blue water vessels. 

For maritime operators, bareboat charters are powerful tools that provide financial and operational flexibility.   

Financial Benefits 

Bareboat charters permit operators to choose from our immense variety of assets while maintaining exclusive use of a vessel. The associated costs remain fixed, but the troubles and responsibility of ownership are eliminated. This lease structure enables operators 100% loan-to-value fixed-rate financing while avoiding loan covenants. 

Operational Benefits 

The operator is entitled to the vessel’s sole use, freeing them from the expenses associated with owning the asset. Unlike vessel ownership, bareboat charters allow operators to expand and contract their fleet’s size based on the market conditions without a long-term financial commitment or any residual risk. Another benefit of bareboat charters is the expedited delivery of assets, eliminating the operator’s downtime to avoid any disturbances to their processes. If there is any concern about having sufficient capacity to meet the varying levels of demand, operators should consider bareboat charters.