Phoenix Lighting: Shining a light on quality.

Before working with Phoenix Lighting, Maritime Partners worked directly with shipyards to have navigation lights installed, often from multiple suppliers and subcontractors and often at cut-rate prices. In most cases, the poor quality of the navigation lights, under constant condensation issues caused by moisture intrusion, initiated premature failure, higher maintenance, and operational costs, and more importantly, negatively impacted the reputation of Maritime Partners as a provider of premium work vessels. 

With these issues in mind and to ensure continued vessel safety and compliance, Maritime Partners worked with Phoenix Lighting, an experienced U.S. based manufacturer of durable marine fixtures such as SturdiSignalTM navigation lights. The newly installed lights feature integrated technology that permits alternating between an opposite LED should the primary one fail, doubling the lifetime of the navigation lights, increasing their durability, safety levels, and compliance out in the field. 

Moving forward, Maritime Partners no longer relies on shipyards to select and maintain, and the partnership with Phoenix Lighting has proven to be a tremendously good investment, raising the bar for vessel lighting, and being a great reflection on the quality of our vessels. 

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